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Your Essential Guide to Brows: The Arch Enemies


Problem: Brows are shapeless and undefined, with very little or no arch.

Solution: Use Brow Shaper Kit to add definition and create a flawless arch.

Brow Shaper Kit helps tame unruly brows How to Fix Unshapely Brows


Problem: Brows are sparse, with bare or thin patches.

Solution: Use Brow Definer to fill in and create definition or Brow Balm to create a seamless brow that stays in place.

Brow Definer & Brow Balm can help fill in patchy brows How to Fill in Patchy Brows


Problem: Brows are thick, wide and untidy.

Solution: Use Brow Set to groom and tame instantly.

Brow Set can groom untidy brows How to tame heavy brows


Problem: Brows are thin, over-plucked and out of style.

Solution: Use Brow Sculpt to create the illusion of thicker, fuller brows or Brow Ink for an all-day, full coverage bold brow.


Problem: Brows are pale and indistinguishable, fading into the face.

Solution: Use Brow Tint to give brows a darker natural-looking hue.

How to give brows a darker natural-looking hue


Problem: Brows are unbalanced, irregular, and not a perfect pair.

Solution: Use BrowBlender Pencil to ensure both brows make an excellent match or apply Brush On Brow for even and more defined brows.

How to fix uneven eyebrows